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IM JUST CRAFTY is more than a brand! We are a community and online resource hub, dedicated to help get CRAFTERS to the next level. 🌈


The owner Charne’ M. Tunson (Nay Nay) and the IJC Crew is on a mission to help you turn your “hobby into profit”, and we won’t stop until you get there.


Welcome to IJC University, aka "The U". Home of online Workshops and Courses, affordable and quality craft supplies and the first ever CrafterCon coming July 2022. 


Whether you are a beginner at crafting or a professional, we invite and motivate you to showcase your skills and crafting talent right here in IJC University. No matter if it’s sublimation, vinyl, embroidery, painting, CRICUT crafts… if you made it then we want you to share it with us. And do it confidently knowing you have a community of Crafty Besties that will support your every step of the way. ❤️

Be sure to JOIN OUR ONLINE COMMUNITY and Happy Crafting! 🎨

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