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✅ You've watched hundreds of hours of videos on YouTube University

✅ You've signed up for dozens of courses but your dashboards remain untouched

✅ You've invested thousands of dollars in coaching programs only to be more confused than before you started

✅ You now have information overload and are ready to throw in the towel


Now is the time to take a step back, refocus and restart!


By the end of this Mastermind Training Program you will:

1️⃣ Identify and focus in on your CORE 4 products to sell this holiday season

2️⃣ Develop and master the most efficient way to produce your CORE 4 products

3️⃣ Implement a simple and systematic Social Media + Email Marketing Campaign for your CORE 4 products

4️⃣ Generate a profit and celebrate a “CASH” Christmas for your family and loved ones


Participants of this Mastermind Training Program will receive:

  • Interactive and Collaborative Training Sessions

  • 24/7 coaching access via email and Voxer

  • Weekly Zoom Q & A Session + Drop in virtual Office Hours

  • Actionable assignments with deadlines

  • Access to digital archive including editable templates, scripts, graphics and mockups

  • Small Group brainstorm and critique sessions based upon product niche

  • 100 day timeline to countdown to Black Friday


The curriculum of this Mastermind Training Program will be centered around the following Big 6 Business Principles:

  1. Unique Product Idea (UPI)

  2. Product Production (PP)

  3. Product Sales Channel (PSC)

  4. Product Marketing (PM)

  5. Product Delivery (PD)

  6. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Over the Course of this Mastermind Training Program, the following session topics will be facilitated:

  1. Handmade business idea brainstorm session: Gifts, talent and trends.

  2. How to start a t-shirt business in 7 days or less for under $100

  3. Maximizing POD to Jumpstart your sales

  4. Thinking Outside the Box With DIY Project Kits

  5. Start your handmade business with what you have. #profitwithyourstash

  6. Vendors, Suppliers and Small B2B

  7. Leveraging YouTube University

  8. Product Pricing for Profit

  9. The Alternative to Shopify: Quick, easy and free e-commerce website to sell your handmade products

  10. Livestream Bootcamp: #commentsold

  11. Leveraging Etsy and Amazon Handmade

  12. How to get contracts with local schools for holiday gifts: A conversation with a school Principal turned “Craftpreneur”

  13. The Importance of SEO, Google and Yelp

  14. The Power of Pinterest

  15. Lead Magnet Intensive Class: Creation, Packaging and Delivery

  16. How important is Branding and Product Packaging

  17. Pop Ups, Farmer’s Market and Craft Fairs: How to Prepare

  18. You’ve Collected Email Addresses- Now What?

  19. Customer Service Tips, Tricks and Little Touches


$599.99 investment

15 weeks of focused training (August 17th - November 30th)

Only $39.99 per week

Be sure to check out with SEZZLE to break up your payment into 4 installments

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